What Moisturizer to Use after Salicylic Acid? [Best Options]

If you’re a skincare enthusiast (which we know you are, or you wouldn’t be here!), you’re no stranger to salicylic acid. This wonder ingredient, famous for fighting breakouts and reducing oiliness, is a staple in many skincare routines.

But we also know that using salicylic acid without the right follow-up care can leave your skin feeling a tad dry. So what should you do?

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: the critical step of moisturizing after using salicylic acid. Over the past two years, many skin experts have tested and reviewed dozens of moisturizers post-salicylic acid application. And after researching and considering different skin types, textures, absorption rates, and ingredients, we finally know what moisturizer to use after salicylic acid. 

So keep reading to discover which moisturizers you can use after salicylic acid!

What is Salicylic Acid?

Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid that works deep within the skin to exfoliate and treat breakouts effectively. Its ability to penetrate deeply into the pores makes it highly effective in unclogging them and reducing the appearance of acne. However, following up with a moisturizer is essential to replenish and hydrate the skin.

When choosing a moisturizer to use after salicylic acid, look for one that’s lightweight, non-comedogenic, and contains soothing ingredients like aloe vera or hyaluronic acid. These ingredients will help to balance the skin’s moisture levels without clogging the pores or causing further breakouts.

It’s also advisable to avoid moisturizers that contain harsh ingredients, such as fragrances or alcohol, as they may irritate the skin.

By incorporating a suitable moisturizer into your skincare routine, you can maximize the benefits of salicylic acid while keeping your skin healthy and hydrated.

Moisturizers are also vital for you if you’re struggling with skincare conditions. For example, adding moisturizers for seborrheic dermatitis to your routine can make a huge difference!

How To Choose The Best Moisturizer For Salicylic Acid?

Wondering what goes into picking the best moisturizer after using salicylic acid? Well, we’ve got you covered. 

We used the following criteria in picking the best moisturizers for use after salicylic acid, and you can also use it as a guide.

Let it Absorp

Allow the Salicylic Acid to fully absorb into your skin before applying a moisturizer. This typically takes around 5-10 minutes. Waiting ensures that the Salicylic Acid has had sufficient time to work its magic and won’t be diluted or hindered by the moisturizer.

Choose The Right Moisturizer

That’s why we’re here, right? Choosing the right moisturizer is absolutely critical to get the best results. 

Opt for a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer suitable for your skin type. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid or ceramides, which can help replenish and lock in moisture without causing further irritation or clogging your pores.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals and Irritants

Be cautious about using a moisturizer with other active ingredients like vitamin C, glycolic acid, or salicylic acid. These ingredients can interact with the Salicylic Acid, increasing irritation or sensitivity. Using a plain, gentle moisturizer without additional active ingredients is best.

Consider sensitivity and tolerance:

If you have sensitive or easily irritated skin, paying attention to any signs of discomfort or redness when applying a moisturizer after Salicylic Acid is essential. Start with a patch test or use a low concentration of Salicylic Acid to gauge your skin’s tolerance and gradually increase usage if well-tolerated.

By considering these factors, you can ensure that your skin receives the necessary hydration and protection without compromising the effectiveness of the Salicylic Acid treatment. Always listen to your skin and adjust your routine for the best results.

The Three Best Moisturizers To Use After Salicylic Acid

And now it’s time for us to finally spill the beans on who made it to the list! So keep going and find out who’s on top and what moisturizer you need to add to your skincare routine. 

1. Cerave Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Face

Indulge your skin with the Cerave Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Face, the ultimate hydration elixir your skin craves. Enriched with a powerful blend of hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and vitamin B5, this serum delivers a surge of moisture that quenches your skin’s thirst like never before. Prepare to embark on a deep hydration and nourishment journey as this serum works its magic.

The lightweight and non-greasy formula of the Cerave Hyaluronic Acid Serum absorbs effortlessly, instantly revitalizing your skin. Say goodbye to dry and lackluster skin and hello to a smooth, plump complexion that radiates with a youthful glow. Moreover, this serum is suitable for all skin types, making it an ideal choice for sensitive skin. Its fragrance-free and non-comedogenic properties ensure a gentle and comfortable experience for all.

Embrace the versatility of the Cerave Hyaluronic Acid Serum as it seamlessly fits into your daily skincare routine. Use it in the morning to start your day with a burst of hydration, or incorporate it into your nighttime ritual for overnight rejuvenation. Layer it with your favorite skincare products to enhance their efficacy and unveil the full potential of your skincare routine. Get ready to experience a radiant and replenished complexion with the Cerave Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Face.

How It Helps Your Skin?

  • It is formulated with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and vitamin B5, providing multiple skin benefits.
  • It has a lightweight and non-greasy formula, making it comfortable to wear throughout the day.
  • It is fragrance-free, suitable for individuals with fragrance sensitivities or preferences.
  • It is non-comedogenic, meaning it does not clog pores, reducing the likelihood of breakouts.

Active Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid: This powerful active ingredient profoundly hydrates the skin by attracting and retaining moisture, resulting in a plump and moisturized complexion. It helps improve the skin’s elasticity, smoothness, and overall hydration levels, leaving it refreshed and revitalized.


  • It provides deep hydration, replenishing moisture to the skin.
  • It effectively locks in moisture, helping to prevent moisture loss throughout the day.
  • It restores the skin’s lipid barrier, promoting a healthy and balanced skin barrier.
  • It suits all skin types, accommodating various skin care needs and concerns.


The users have not reported any demerits.

2. Toleriane Double Repair Facial Moisturizer with SPF

Step into a world of post-salicylic acid skincare perfection with the transformative Toleriane Double Repair Facial Moisturizer with SPF.

This extraordinary moisturizer is here to revolutionize your beauty routine, ensuring your skin remains healthy, hydrated, and shielded from the sun’s harmful rays.

Enriched with a potent blend of La Roche-Posay prebiotic thermal water, ceramide-3, niacinamide, and glycerin, it delivers an unparalleled surge of intense hydration, effectively revitalizing your skin while restoring its natural protective barrier.

But wait, there’s more! This multitasking marvel doesn’t stop at hydration and restoration. It takes your skincare game to the next level by incorporating SPF into its formulation.

So we suggest that you wave goodbye to worries about sun damage and hello to worry-free adventures under the sun. The Toleriane Double Repair Facial Moisturizer with SPF is a mighty shield, safeguarding your skin from harmful UV rays while providing the ultimate hydration your skin craves.

Embrace the power of this extraordinary moisturizer as it uplifts your post-salicylic acid skincare routine. Experience the luxury of intense hydration, courtesy of La Roche-Posay prebiotic thermal water and nourishing ingredients like ceramide-3, niacinamide, and glycerin.

Add to that the peace of mind that comes with SPF protection, and you have a skincare superhero that will leave your skin looking and feeling absolutely radiant. Get ready to face the world with confidence and a healthy glow, courtesy of Toleriane Double Repair Facial Moisturizer with SPF.

How It Helps Your Skin?

  • It contains a high concentration of La Roche-Posay prebiotic thermal water, known for its soothing properties and ability to nourish the skin.
  • It is infused with ceramide-3, niacinamide, and glycerin, providing intense hydration and nourishment for the skin.
  • It provides up to 48 hours of moisture, ensuring long-lasting hydration and preventing skin dryness.
  • It contains SPF to protect the skin against harmful UV rays, helping to prevent sun damage and premature aging.

Active Ingredients

  1. La Roche-Posay Prebiotic Thermal Water: Sourced from natural springs, this remarkable ingredient soothes and nourishes the skin, providing a calm and comfortable sensation. It helps strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, promoting a healthy and balanced complexion while enhancing its resilience against external aggressors.
  2. Ceramide-3: Known for its restorative properties, ceramide-3 replenishes and fortifies the skin’s natural protective barrier. Sealing moisture and preventing moisture loss helps keep the skin hydrated and supple, reducing dryness and supporting a smooth and healthy skin texture.

  3. Niacinamide: This multitasking ingredient offers many benefits, including improving skin texture, minimizing the appearance of pores, and addressing hyperpigmentation. It helps regulate oil production, reducing excess shine, and promotes a more even skin tone, resulting in a brighter and more radiant complexion.

  4. Glycerin: A well-known humectant, glycerin attracts and locks in moisture, providing intense hydration to the skin. It creates a protective layer, preventing moisture loss and leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth, and supple. Glycerin also helps improve the skin’s elasticity and can contribute to a more youthful appearance.


  • This moisturizer actively hydrates and nourishes the skin, promoting a healthy and vibrant complexion.
  • It effectively restores the skin’s natural protective barrier, enhancing its resilience against external aggressors.
  • Including SPF in its formulation provides sun protection, safeguarding the skin from harmful UV rays.
  • It is suitable for all skin types, accommodating a wide range of individuals with varying skincare needs.


  • Individuals with oily skin may find the moisturizer to be slightly greasy, requiring careful application and monitoring.
  • Some users may perceive the moisturizer’s scent as overpowering, which can be a personal preference concern.
  • It can be slightly more expensive than other moisturizers, potentially impacting budget-conscious consumers.

3. CeraVe Day & Night Face Lotion Skin Care Set

Introducing the CeraVe Day & Night Face Lotion Skin Care Set – the ultimate solution for 24/7 skin hydration and nourishment. This game-changing duo includes an AM and PM moisturizer packed with powerful ingredients like ceramides, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid.

Start your day with the AM moisturizer, a lightweight formula that profoundly hydrates and provides broad-spectrum sunscreen protection.

This multitasking moisturizer keeps your skin moisturized, fortified, and shielded from harmful UV rays throughout the day. As the sun sets, transition to the PM moisturizer, a velvety-smooth formula that replenishes moisture overnight, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and revitalized by morning.

With the CeraVe Day & Night Face Lotion Skin Care Set, your skin receives the nourishment it needs around the clock. The ceramides strengthen the skin barrier, while niacinamide improves texture and addresses hyperpigmentation.

Meanwhile, hyaluronic acid attracts and retains moisture, leaving your skin plump and supple. Elevate your skincare routine with this dynamic duo and unlock the secret to radiant, healthy-looking skin at any time of the day.

How It Helps Your Skin?

  • Both moisturizers in the CeraVe Day & Night Face Lotion Skin Care Set are oil-free and suitable for all skin types.
  • These moisturizers have undergone dermatologist testing and are non-comedogenic, ensuring they do not clog pores.
  • Conveniently packaged in pump bottles, these moisturizers offer easy and mess-free application.

Active Ingredients

AM Moisturizer:

  1. Ceramides, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid: This potent combination of anti-inflammatory ingredients provides intense hydration, restores the skin’s moisture barrier, and enhances the skin’s overall hydration levels. It helps improve the skin’s texture, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and leaves the skin looking plump, radiant, and moisturized throughout the day.
  2. SPF: The addition of SPF in the AM moisturizer provides crucial sun protection, shielding the skin from harmful UV rays. This helps prevent sunburn, photoaging, and the risk of developing skin cancer, ensuring your skin stays healthy and protected even during sun exposure.

PM Moisturizer:

  1. Lightweight Formula: The PM moisturizer features a lightweight formula that allows the skin to breathe and rejuvenate overnight. It provides essential nourishment and hydration, promoting a replenished and refreshed complexion by morning.
  2. Hydrating Ingredients: The PM moisturizer is enriched with hydrating ingredients that deeply nourish and replenish moisture while you sleep. It helps repair and restore the skin’s barrier, improving its overall health and appearance. Wake up to smoother, softer, and more supple skin, ready to face the day ahead.

Overall Set:

  1. Suitable for All Skin Types: The CeraVe Day & Night Face Lotion Skin Care Set is designed to cater to the needs of various skin types, including dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin. Its versatile formulation addresses a wide range of skincare concerns, ensuring that individuals with different skin types can benefit from its hydrating and nourishing properties. Whether you have dry patches, oiliness, or sensitivity, this set has got you covered.
  2. Dermatologist-Tested: The CeraVe Day & Night Face Lotion Skin Care Set has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by dermatologists, guaranteeing its quality and effectiveness. With the seal of approval from skincare experts, you can have confidence in the safety and reliability of these products. Dermatologist testing ensures that the set meets the high standards of skincare professionals, providing you with peace of mind.

  3. Non-Comedogenic: One of the standout features of the CeraVe Day & Night Face Lotion Skin Care Set is its non-comedogenic nature. This means that the products do not clog pores, reducing the risk of breakouts and blemishes. By using non-comedogenic formulas, the set allows your skin to breathe freely and remain clear and healthy. You can enjoy the benefits of hydrating and nourishing skincare without worrying about clogged pores or worsening existing skin concerns.


  • The presence of ceramides and hyaluronic acid in these moisturizers helps restore and maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier.
  • The lightweight formula of the PM moisturizer makes it an excellent choice for bedtime application, allowing the skin to breathe and revitalize overnight.
  • The AM moisturizer includes SPF, eliminating the need for a separate sunscreen application.


  • Some users may perceive the texture of these moisturizers as slightly greasy.
  • While the AM moisturizer provides sun protection, the SPF may not be adequate for extended sun exposure, necessitating additional sun protection measures.
  • The pump bottle packaging may make it challenging to completely utilize the entire product.

What Does Salicylic Acid (SA) Do For Your Skin?

Salicylic acid is a godsend for your skin as it unclogs pores, banishes acne, and reveals a radiant, blemish-free complexion. Salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid, also works deep within the skin to effectively exfoliate and treat breakouts.

Its ability to penetrate deeply into the pores makes it highly effective in unclogging them and reducing the appearance of acne.

Choosing a salicylic acid serum specifically formulated for sensitive skin types is important for those with sensitive skin. These serums are designed to deliver the benefits of salicylic acid while minimizing potential irritation. Incorporating salicylic acid into your skincare routine can help address oily skin concerns by regulating oil production and reducing shine.

It removes excess oil, unclogs pores, and prevents future breakouts, making it a valuable addition to your daily or night routine.

In addition to treating acne-prone skin, salicylic acid also helps improve uneven texture and bumpy skin. Its exfoliating properties promote the shedding of dead skin cells, revealing smoother and more refined skin. You can achieve a healthier and more radiant complexion by incorporating salicylic acid into your skin care routine.

To complement the use of salicylic acid, following up with a moisturizer that suits your skin type is essential. For normal or oily skin, opt for a lightweight moisturizer that contains vitamin C. Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection and helps brighten the skin tone, resulting in a more even and glowing complexion. For those with sun-damaged skin, a moisturizer with SPF is essential to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and prevent further damage.

Salicylic acid is a powerful ingredient that offers numerous benefits for various skin issues. Whether you have acne-prone, oily, sensitive, or sun-damaged skin, incorporating salicylic acid into your skincare routine can help address your specific concerns.

Remember to choose a salicylic acid serum suited for your skin type, follow up with an appropriate moisturizer, and practice a consistent skincare routine to achieve smoother, healthier, and more radiant skin.

Should You Be Moisturizing After Salicylic Acid Use?

After using salicylic acid, moisturizing is crucial for your skin’s health and hydration so that’s a resounding yes! Here’s why it’s crucial:

  1. Replenishes moisture: Salicylic acid, as a spot treatment, can potentially strip away moisture from the skin, leading to dryness. Applying a moisturizer afterward helps replenish the lost moisture and prevents dry skin concerns.

  2. Restores balance: The deep exfoliating properties of salicylic acid can disrupt the skin’s natural balance. Moisturizing aids in restoring this balance by providing nourishment and hydration to promote a healthier complexion.

  3. Enhances penetration: Following salicylic acid with a moisturizer facilitates deeper penetration of active ingredients. This allows the moisturizer to effectively nourish and hydrate the skin, maximizing its benefits.

  4. Maintains skin barrier: Salicylic acid’s action on clogged pores and dead skin cells can expose the skin to external factors. Moisturizing helps maintain the skin’s protective barrier, promoting hydration and supporting its overall health.

When selecting a moisturizer after using salicylic acid, consider your specific skin type, concerns, and desired results to ensure the most suitable choice for addressing issues like rough skin, dryness, clogged pores and promoting an even skin tone.

What Should You Apply On Your Skin After Salicylic Acid?

After applying salicylic acid, selecting an appropriate product to follow up with is crucial, especially for oily and sensitive skin types. O

ne of the best options is to use a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid. This ingredient acts as a humectant, effectively hydrating and nourishing the skin without causing irritation or pore blockage. It allows the skin to breathe while providing essential moisture to maintain a healthy complexion.

Hyaluronic acid is gentle and suitable for all skin types, making it an excellent choice to use after applying salicylic acid. Another consideration is opting for lightweight, oil-free moisturizers that won’t clog pores. Look for additional ingredients, such as ceramides or niacinamide, which can aid in restoring and strengthening the skin’s barrier function.

Remember to choose a moisturizer that addresses your specific skin concerns and goals, such as targeting acne-prone skin, dark spots, or dead cells, as part of your skincare routine.

Potential Concerns While Using Salicylic Acid

While using a moisturizer after applying Salicylic Acid, there are a few potential concerns to be aware of:

  1. Irritation or sensitivity: Some individuals may experience increased skin sensitivity or irritation when combining Salicylic Acid with certain moisturizers. This can result in redness, itching, or a stinging sensation. It’s essential to listen to your skin and discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur.

  2. Product interactions: Certain active moisturizer ingredients, such as vitamin C, glycolic acid, or retinol, may interact with Salicylic Acid. This can lead to increased skin sensitivity or potential adverse effects. It’s advisable to avoid moisturizers with these ingredients when using Salicylic Acid to minimize the risk of negative interactions.

  3. Excessive moisture or occlusion: While moisturizing is crucial after Salicylic Acid use, excessive moisture or occlusion can hinder the effectiveness of the treatment. Avoid using heavy or greasy moisturizers that may create a barrier and prevent the Salicylic Acid from penetrating the skin. Look for lightweight, non-comedogenic options that provide adequate hydration without overwhelming the skin.

  4. Inadequate moisturization: On the flip side, using an insufficiently hydrating moisturizer may not provide enough moisture to counteract the potential drying effects of Salicylic Acid. Ensure your chosen moisturizer effectively replenishes and locks in moisture to maintain a healthy skin barrier.

It’s essential to be mindful of these factors and choose a moisturizer that suits your skin’s needs while being compatible with Salicylic Acid. Consult a dermatologist for personalized advice if you have any concerns or experience persistent irritation.

Wrapping it Up

After utilizing salicylic acid, it is crucial to moisturize your skin to ensure hydration and balance, particularly for sensitive and oily skin types. Opting for a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer is the ideal choice to prevent pore congestion. Look for products containing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or ceramides, as they effectively replenish moisture and maintain skin hydration.

When applying your moisturizer, remember to be gentle and ensure even distribution, providing soothing and nourishing effects. Additionally, taking care of your skin post-salicylic acid use plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy and radiant complexion by aiding in removing dead skin cells.


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