The 7 Best Teeth Whitening Kits, According To Experts

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In the comfort of your own home, getting a dazzling white smile is now easier than ever before. 

The market is flooded with an array of teeth-whitening solutions – from pens, trays, and strips to serums, all aiming to meet the growing demand for a brighter smile. But with a vast array of options available, selecting the right product can seem daunting. 

To simplify your search, we’ve researched and collected recommendations from leading dentists to bring you their top picks for at-home teeth whitening kits that are not only easy to use but also deliver impressive results. 

Here’s what they recommend:

1. Auraglow Teeth Whitening Kit: 

Featuring a powerful carbamide peroxide gel and an LED light to accelerate whitening, Auraglow offers a comprehensive kit that’s both effective and reasonably priced and is the best teeth whitening kit at home according to experts. 

This kit combines professional dental whitening gel with LED light technology to remove stains in just 30 minutes per day. 

The LED teeth whitening accelerator light speeds up the whitening process by activating the molecules in the whitening gel. Its whitening gel is 35% carbamide peroxide and contains the same ingredients used for dentist whitening. 

This whitening kit provides results in as little as 1 treatment with no sensitivity or irritation.

Powerful Whitening Kit

The most powerful teeth whitening kit that uses an LED light with 35% carbamide peroxide gel to whiten teeth faster.

Professional-Level Whitening

Achieve professional-level whitening results at home with your LED teeth whitening kit. Similar to in-office dental laser whitening treatments.

Whitens Faster

The LED light activates the molecules in the bleaching gel to whiten teeth faster and remove years of stains in just 30 minutes.

20 Whitening Treatments

The Auraglow teeth whitening kit contains 30 whitening sessions and removes stains from coffee, wine, soda, tea, smoking, and more.

Dental Laser Whitening

This teeth whitening kit brings the same laser LED light technology used by dentists into your home for fast whitening.

Everything You Need to Whiten

This teeth whitening kit contains everything you need to whiten at home, including 2 syringes of 35% carbamide peroxide gel, a teeth whitening light, a storage case, and a charging cable.

Safe and Effective

This teeth whitening kit is safe for enamel and produces minimal sensitivity.

Made in USA

This whitening gel is proudly made in the USA for safety and efficacy.


  • Fast Activation: LED light speeds up the whitening process.
  • Value: Reasonably priced with enough gel for 20 sessions.
  • Refillable: Gel syringes can be purchased separately for continued use.


  • One-Size Tray: This may not comfortably fit all mouth sizes, potentially affecting the whitening uniformity.
  • Longer Sessions: Each session lasts 30 minutes, which might be inconvenient for some.

2. Opalescence Go Prefilled Whitening Trays

Opalescence Go offers a hassle-free whitening experience with its pre-filled trays, designed for 10 days of use. 

These trays are filled with a professional-grade whitening gel available in two strengths, 10% and 15% hydrogen peroxide, and come in mint and melon flavors. They are designed to fit comfortably over your teeth, allowing you to speak normally during the treatment.


  • Easy to use with no preparation required.
  • Comes in different strengths and flavors for a personalized experience.
  • Designed to minimize tooth sensitivity.


  • Higher price point compared to some alternatives.
  • The one-size-fits-all tray may not fit perfectly on everyone’s teeth.

3. Burst Prefilled Whitening Trays

Burst Whitening Trays simplify the whitening process with three pre-filled trays containing a 12.5% hydrogen peroxide solution. 

Designed for convenience, these trays can be used anywhere, fitting seamlessly into your morning routine with visible results after just the first use.


  • Extremely convenient, allowing for multitasking during treatment.
  • Quick results, with noticeable whitening after the first application.


  • Only three treatments per kit, which may not suffice for optimal results.
  • Lack of options for peroxide concentration.

4. Philips Zoom NiteWhite Kit

The Philips Zoom NiteWhite Kit is tailored for those seeking a professional-grade whitening experience at home. 

It includes a potent whitening gel that is used in conjunction with custom-fitted trays made by your dentist, offering a personalized and effective whitening solution.


  • Custom-fit trays ensure maximum contact between teeth and whitening gel.
  • Professional-grade results with a variety of concentration options.


  • Requires an initial visit to the dentist for custom trays, increasing the overall cost.
  • The application process is more involved compared to over-the-counter options.

5. Dr. Collins All White 22% Bleaching Set

This kit provides a semi-custom fit with boil-and-bite trays and a strong 22% carbamide peroxide bleaching gel. 

It’s designed for those looking for a potent whitening solution that can be somewhat personalized at home.


  • Offers a customizable fit with the boil-and-bite trays.
  • Potent whitening formula for effective results.


  • Potential for increased tooth sensitivity due to the high peroxide concentration.
  • The customization process may be cumbersome for some users.

6. Colgate Optic White ComfortFit Teeth Whitening Kit

The Colgate Optic White Kit combines a hydrogen peroxide whitening pen with an LED light for enhanced whitening. It promises to tackle 10 years of stains in just three days, making it an ideal choice for quick and effective whitening.


  • Fast and effective whitening results.
  • Convenient and easy to use with a pen and LED light combo.


  • Relies on a smartphone for LED light power, which may not be convenient for all users.
  • The price may be high considering the amount of product and usage.

7. Crest 3D Whitestrips

Crest 3D Whitestrips are a popular choice for at-home teeth whitening. 

These strips are coated with a hydrogen peroxide-based gel, designed to adhere snugly to your teeth, whitening them effectively over a two-week period.


  • Proven effectiveness with wide recommendations.
  • Easy to apply and use with minimal effort.


  • Some users report the strips slipping or not adhering well.
  • May cause sensitivity for some individuals.

Choosing the Right Kit for You

With so many at-home teeth whitening options available, it’s essential to consider your needs, preferences, and any sensitivity issues. 

Whether you prefer the convenience of pre-filled trays, the tailored fit of custom trays, the advanced technology of LED light kits, or the simplicity of whitening strips, there’s a solution out there for everyone. 

Remember, while these products can offer significant whitening results, maintaining a routine of proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups is crucial for keeping your smile bright and healthy.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the best teeth whitening kit at home, then Auraglow teeth whitening kit is the real deal. It has amazing reviews, proven results and will helo you get exactly what you need. 

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